Museum - Institution

2016 Et in Arcadia Ego, group exhibition.  New Museum Los Gatos

2015 Transmissions, group exhibition.  William Roland Gallery of Fine Art. California Lutheran University.

2015 Kwan Fong Gallery of Art & Culture.  Artist in Residence.  California Lutheran University.

2013 MESA Contemporary Arts Museum.  



2016 In/visible.  Arcadia Contemporary, Los Angeles.

2014 The Belonging.  Arcadia Contemporary, New York City.

2012 Gilded Wilderness.  Arcadia Contemporary, New York City.

2010 Against Nature.  Arcadia Contemporary, New York City. 



2017 Context Art Miami.  Arcadia Contemporary

2017 The New Baroque.  Booth Gallery, NYC

2015 Context Art Miami.  Jonathan Levine Gallery

2015 Paintguide Exhibition.  The Unit London

2013 Small Works.  Arcadia Contemporary, New York NY

2013 Singlefare 3.  RH Gallery, New York NY

2012 Resolve.  Joushua Liner Gallery, New York NY

2011 Dark Water.  Group Exhibition, Copro Gallery, Los Angeles. 

2011 Singlefare.  Sloan Fine Art, New York NY

2010 To Sleep Like Ghosts.  Strychnin Gallery, Berlin.

2010 Small Works.  Arcadia Gallery, New York NY

2009 Small Works.  Arcadia Gallery, New York NY

2009 International Introductions.  Arcadia Gallery, New York NY   

Portrait of the artist by Josh Wool

Portrait of the artist by Josh Wool