Re-visit the world of Anne of Green Gables. "It has always seemed to me, ever since early childhood, amid all the commonplaces of life, I was very near to a kingdom of ideal beauty. Between it and me hung only a thin veil. I could never draw it quite aside, but sometimes a wind fluttered it and I caught a glimpse of the enchanting realms beyond-only a glimpse-but those glimpses have always made life worthwhile." -Anne Shirley Based on the art work of Brad Kunkle : Creative Director: Alan Williams Art Director/Original Paintings: Brad Kunkle Executive Producer: Jon Hassell Head of Production / Producer: Aleen Kim Designers: Alan Williams, Joash Berkeley, Veronica Liu, Yifan Hu, Max Glascott Animators: Chris Vincola, Max Strizich, Seth Minnich, Hogan Williams, William Russell Editor: Rachel Ambelang Coordinator: Christine Hernandez Production Assistant: Michaela Forde Music: The Tragically Hip "Ahead by a Century" - See more at:

Promotional video for In/visible, solo exhibition at Arcadia Contemporary, Nov - Dec 2016 in Los Angeles, CA.  This video displays the way specific areas of paint disappear into the silver leaf when viewed at specific angles.

In the summer of 2015, filmmaker Brennan Stasiewicz asked if he could make a short film featuring me and my work, with a parallel story written by Brennan.  I'm so happy I said yes.  This is Brennan's film.  It is a work of art in itself, beautiful to watch, and gives some incite into the themes behind my paintings.

Oil painting, video, and sound by artist, Brad Kunkle. Originally presented as a video projection on the physical painting, this version has been digitally layered and edited to represent the artist's complete original vision.